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Nowadays it can be pretty expensive to buy an actual house and property. Not all young professionals can afford in on the get-go. This is why you need to consider your options before moving out. This also applies to foreigners who move to places like Singapore.

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Housing isn’t always available to everyone, especially single houses and the likes. What’s the more common option? It’s investing in condos. These are small spaces that give you privacy and ownership. Unlike houses, you share a lot of amenities with your neighbors, but, it’s a better budget option.


Things to Consider With Condos


Before you buy a condo at mori at jalan molek you need to look into your options. Are you ready to live with neighbors? Is the space okay for you? What’s more important is that, do you have enough budget for it?


  • Condos have shared hallways and parking with other unit owners
  • Condos have more communal facilities compared to apartments
  • Condos have different facilities and set of rules and regulations
  • Condos generally are priced lower than apartments


Don’t rush into buying a condo. You may need it now, but planning ahead always helps. You don’t want to end paying for a condo when a more budget-friendly alternative appears. Always consider options before you decide on buying a condo.


Why Buy a Condo?


Buying a condo means that you have your own private space. You don’t need to share with any roommates nor do you have no control over your area. Unlike rented rooms and apartments, you own your condo. Some apartments will make you pay high monthly rates compared to a condo, which is why you might want to think it over first.


Weigh your options especially the pros and cons of which place to choose. Condos may be the best option for the lifestyle that you’re living right now. Don’t push yourself to spend on expensive condos. There are affordable ones that also come with great facilities.

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