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A NEW BEGINNING   A New Beginning, the name could not be more perfect. I have truly received a new beginning to my life. This program has saved my life and given me a chance at recovery, hope, peace, courage, serenity, and love. Coming to ANB is a once in a lifetime opportunity that I am incredibly blessed to have been given. To truly learn who I am, what my wants and needs are, and how to love myself are things that are invaluable to me. Before coming to ANB I thought that the only problem I had was drugs and alcohol. Now I have been taught that these things are just a symptom of a much deeper underlying problem, an emotional and thinking problem. The program is very intensive and is hard work, but if you truly want and are willing to go to any length to achieve it, it is so very much worth the work and effort. FOANB is a large part of my recovery.  Holding dances for us for Valentines and St. Patrick’s Day helped me to learn that I can have so much fun, joy, laughter, and happiness in sobriety. It is so great to connect with graduates of ANB and is amazing to have a support system of my peers. FOANB is something that I plan on being actively involved with when I graduate from ANB. They give back to a program that saved their lives and support those that come after them. It’s like a huge family. They have given computers, and sports equipment to us to use while residing at ANB, they have held picnics and cooked amazing food for us. They hold car washes, and dinners to raise money for things the we may need while in treatment. Most importantly for me, they have given me the hope of a better, brighter future. Thank you A New Beginning and Friends Of A New Beginning for teaching me what an amazing, fulfilling, happy, meaningful, and hope filled life I can have in sobriety.   Written by: An ANB Client
                            FOANB MISSION STATEMENT   Our mission is to support, encourage, and mentor the clients of A New Beginning in the healing process from the devastation of addiction and it’s effects on the addict. Through our mission, we hope to help the clients discover the meaning of acceptance, selfworth, and respect for themselves and their invaluable contribution to society.